Kiyomi started her successful hair styling career from the renowned Mod's hair in Tokyo and has fast become one of the most successful stylists in China.

She is one of the most sought after stylists in Tokyo, Singapore now Shanghai. Kiyomi honed her skills and accumulated extensive experience in the international hair fashion arena mastering the techniques favored by international trendsetters in New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore. She has perfected the art of capturing the silhouettes of hair works, encapsulating the essence and translating them into trendsetting hairstyles that are exquisite, yet practical and modern. Her works have been showcased at major runway and fashion ways in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore. She has a huge loyal client base from all over Asia, Europe and America, comprising of both celebrities and affluent socialites.

She is now the preferred partner to fashion stylists and editors in Asia, especially China where she is regularly involved in creative styling for fashion/ hair shows, movies and commercial shoots

She speaks Japanese, fluent English and Chinese.
With substantial working experiences among some of the renowned salons in London, Ms. Yukari has been concentrated on perfecting her skills of arranging “Updo” hairstyles for women. By simply using an electric curling iron, Ms.Yukari will create a unique look that compliments client’s face shape or suiting for different occasion!

She speaks Japanese and English and begginer's Chinese .
With 10 years of working experience in one of the top salon in Japan, Mr. Kanai specializes in creating perm hairstyles for both short and medium length. An exceptional friendly and courteous hairstylist among his peers, Mr. Kanai is always looking forward to provide the best service and experience for his client!

He speaks Japanese and begginer's Chinese.
Worked at a famous salon in Daikanyama district in Tokyo. Also a renowned photographer. If you are having issues or concerns with head shape, it can all be resolved with the right hair cut. Specialty is short hair styles and the bob cut.
Johny has worked in Shanghai’s leading Japanese hair salons for many years and is a protégé of internationally renowned hair stylist Kiyomi Kiso. After 5 years of intense training and instruction under Kiyomi, Johny has become a top hair stylist with excellent technical precision and creative vision. His ability to create personalized hair design to fit a client’s unique coloring, bone structure, and style has made Johny popular with clients of all ages.
Nick started his Japanese styling training as a assistant hair stylist here in Urban Roots salon. With the continuous training by our Chief Creative Stylist Kiyomi for the last 6 years and training in Tokyo, Nick who is a gifted talent has acquire a complete rounded stylist capability that suits all ages. With a strong and stable foundation, he specializes in long soft style and Japanese styling.
Kit is a well renowned Creative Colorist who has trained many years in Europe and New York. He is always on the cutting edge of techniques and new products and has 13 years of professional experience. He regularly contributes his creative works to TV, commercials and magazines. Having such various exposure and experience in a multitude of international styles, his experience range gives him a clear advantage of understanding specific styling techniques for European and Asian hair as his specialty. Kit is the recipient of Multiple L'oreal Creative Colors Competitions, has won numerous prestigiousawards.
In 2008, he was awarded the "the Best Cover"Award for his creative works at the L'oreal Creative Colors Finals, an honor granted to only one recipient a year. He regularly contributes his creative works to TV, commercials and magazines.
Kit also speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien (Min Nan Hua), Bahasa and Thai.